Fagerström Industrikonsult Aktiebolag

Fagerström Industrikonsult Aktiebolag
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About the company

Benefit from our experience in project management, construction, and production.

At Fagerströms, we know the value of having long-term relationships. Today the company is led by Carl Johan, but it was founded by his father Per Fagerström. His vision was to gather the country’s sharpest and most qualified engineers, and it is only when we understand and have concern for the customer’s business and technical challenges that one can be truly successful. We know that it takes a long time to build a good reputation, but that it can be quickly ruined. Therefore, we cherish our relationships, are careful about the personal connection and make sure that our clients can trust that we keep what we promise. The fact that our staff are involved in all phases is a concrete example of how we run the entire rope in the projects, that we let our customers be involved and that we have an understanding of the schedules, requirements and goals that are set, is another. It is important encourage innovative thinking, appoint the right staff with the right skills, but it is in the collaboration with the customer that the creative ideas are born. Being a viable company also means working internally. Fagerströms is a company where the staff feel excitement, respect and curiosity when facing big tasks and challenges. In this way, we get the best engineers to both join us and to stay in the organization. Our long-term approach also applies to our own staff and the investments we make in them.

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