Fagerström Industrikonsult Aktiebolag

Fagerström Industrikonsult Aktiebolag
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Consulting assignments

Fagerström combines a deep technical know-how and science with functional engineering where new knowledge and useful solutions drive the development forward. Despite a small organization, we carry out assignments for large international clients. Our competence is unique and we also have the possibility act as members of your team and make procurements for you as a customer based on our experience. We have a balance between turn-key and consulting assignments. We work process-oriented both in how we manage our projects and our organization. This structured arrangement enables flexibility in the distribution of roles and responsibilities without being limited by individual engineers.

We offer our clients everything from pure mechanical design to design lead, project management, structural verification, analysis and guidance. For us, it is given that sustainable success lies in the interface between our staff, the knowledge development we take responsibility for and our idea of longterm customer relationships. This has given us long and good relations with customers such as the European Spallation Source ESS, Vattenfall and Höganäs AB. A wide range of clients with the common denominator that they want to improve, and they see Fagerström as an opportunity to do so. We understand the challenge before proposing the solution and work according to our values:

Fagerström Industrikonsult Aktiebolag


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